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That’s Just Crazy Talk

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are listening to someone, and this person in front of you is saying something that is virtually unbelievable to you or so outlandish that you don’t really know how to respond.  You don’t want to hurt their feelings or push them away, and yet, you are astounded at the depth of their irrational or un-relatable rant.  Your mind is awhirl with social etiquette teachings and, although you are doing your best to give them the benefit of the doubt, you are thinking to yourself, “That’s just crazy talk”.

What’s a Read More

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Waiting for Perfect

Do you find yourself checking your list – checking it twice?  Are you gonna find out if it’s finished and nice?  Are you like countless others who check and re-check their work as much as ten or more times before deciding that it’s good enough for someone else’s eyes?  As much as we would like everything to be in order, finessed and aligned before presenting ourselves and our stuff to the world, there can be great satisfaction in doing something imperfectly.

There are those who would say perfectionism is a gift to us and others.

Granted, there are certain tasks … Read More

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Exponential Returns

In business there is a principle that we know about, but don’t discuss as often as would seem logical.  This principle states that we should choose to do those things that will benefit us, not only for today, but will continue to reap benefits and rewards for years to come.  A variation of this is duplication.  With duplication, you can teach someone else to do what you do and you get some sort of benefit or override on their results. Since so many people know these principles, why do so few people practice them?

Make it easy on yourself and Read More

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Giving as a Way of Life

We know that giving has a way of making us feel really, really good. This, in and of itself, is a good enough reason to give of yourself, your energy, your time and your stuff to others. As you feel good, more good is drawn unto you. Therefore, focusing your attention on how good you feel as you are giving will actually, and literally, bring more good directly to you.

Both you and the receiver are rewarded in the giving process.

When was the last time you gave selflessly for the good of another individual? Most likely, it was today. … Read More

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Sharing Good News is Good for Everyone

Everyone likes to hear good news. It doesn’t matter whether or not they know the people involved. It doesn’t matter if the good news directly affects them. It doesn’t even matter if they understand what the good news means. What matters is that hearing good news and feeling the excitement, gratitude and joy of the deliverer serves to raise the vibration of both the receiver and the deliverer of the news.

Raising the vibration of anyone is good for everyone.

The next time you hear some good news, spread the word. The next time something great happens to you, share Read More

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The Transformational Power of Gratitude ~ It’s Easier than You Think

You’ve been grateful your whole life. In fact, among the first words you learned as a child are the words “thank you”. Your parents taught you when to say it, who to say it to and that you should say it every time something good is bestowed upon you. As you grew up, you found that when you said these words, it made people happy. You probably also enjoyed hearing these words and found some pleasure in being thanked by someone for something you gave them, something nice you did for them or something nice you said. You learned that … Read More

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Shift Happens

A shift is a slight movement, stirring or change. Throughout the day, many little shifts are occurring around you and within you. These shifts may be in the form of a new thought, an altering of a current thought or a movement of energy. Energetic shifts are the ones that happen most frequently.

The question is… are you even noticing them?

Do you recognize when the mood changes, when the energy expands and lightens, or if it becomes dense and heavy? Are you aware of these shifts and how they are affecting you? And more importantly, are you consciously creating … Read More

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Open Your Eyes to What’s In Front of You

So many people live their lives with blinders on. They fail to see what is in front of them right now, in this moment, and instead they seem to focus on and live in the past. The past has passed. You can’t effect it or change it, and no matter what, it will always be a part of you. Feeling regretful or hurt by the past will cause your vibration to be lowered, your creativity to be stifled, your relationships to stagnate and your physical body to deteriorate. Focusing on the past serves no one – especially not you.

LOOKING … Read More

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Think Pink

When we hear these words, most of our thoughts automatically go to breast cancer. We think of the women we know who are directly affected – our friends, family members, colleagues, people in our spiritual circles, celebrities and others. We think of the women and their families living with the disease as well as those who have passed.

Often, when we “think pink”, we tend to think of the disease rather than healing and wellness. We tend to think of the suffering rather than the beauty, strength, heightened consciousness and awareness that it brings into so many lives. We tend … Read More

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