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Thanks for Giving and Thanks for Receiving

GRATITUDE is a feeling in your heart that resonates through your entire body. It doesn’t matter if you are on the giving or receiving end of gratitude – it works just the same. As it moves through you, it literally makes you healthier and happier. You know this is true because of the feelings you feel in your body as you give yourself over to that moment of pure appreciation and thankfulness. On the receiving end, we recognize a warmth coming into our hearts as we accept appreciation, and on the giving end we send forth this same warmth from Read More

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A Slight Shift of Perspective

Have you ever cleaned a countertop, a window pane or a stainless steel refrigerator? Have you noticed that when you moved away from it, even just an inch or two, you saw that you had missed a spot or that there were streaks you didn’t see before? The surface that you thought was perfectly cleaned looked quite different from a minutely different angle. The same thing happens with our thinking and decision-making process.

There are times when we think we have all the information we need and that we are on the right track; and then boom, we learn new … Read More

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Let the Knife Cut the Cake

Imagine that you are going to slice a beautiful and delicate angel food cake. You choose the appropriate knife, you place the knife on the cake and you begin to force the knife into and through the cake. Yes, the cake comes apart, yet by virtue of the excess force you have exerted, the light and airy cake is now compressed into a 1” high pile of dense, smashed sweetness. If you had simply allowed the blade of the knife to do its job, with very little effort or force on your part, the slice of cake would remain light, Read More

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Chocolate, Pizza and Champagne

Are there certain foods and beverages that excite you? When you think about consuming them, do you salivate? Do you look forward to them so much that you get a physical sensation or an “emotional buzz”? When you have these positive feelings about food or anything else, this is good for your body. Go with it, and give yourself over to it. As you consume them, be mindful and savor each morsel. Allow yourself to indulge and totally enjoy the process. As you experience real culinary pleasure and bring all of your senses into the mix, you are raising your Read More

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