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Create a Happy Holiday

Happy Holidays to You!

Across the world at this time of year, we find the holidays being celebrated in hundreds of different ways. Traditions have been passed down through the generations and we each have ingrained in our minds the practices that make for the perfect holiday celebration. Many families hold sacred the traditions that their ancestors passed down, and yet as younger generations marry and as families move apart, traditions of the many heritages are blended together to make a celebration that is unique to the new blended family and friends. It seems that our society has become open Read More

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Are You Merry and Bright?

‘Tis the season for good cheer, peace on earth and blessings. So why do you have moments of overwhelm and even sadness when the rest of the world seems to be merry and bright? It’s simple. The holidays bring up and amplify for us those emotions that may have been lingering just below the surface. On the outside you appear to be well, organized, in control and enjoying the bustle of the holidays; on the inside though, you struggle with feelings of inadequacy, worries about not enough money or time, lack of love or perhaps you are especially missing … Read More

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Choose Joy

Joy is a choice. It is not something someone else gives to you. It is not something you find. It is not a time or a moment in your life. Joy is a choice. In each moment, in each interaction, in each person, it is up to you to recognize the joy, create the joy and be the joy. It is no one else’s job to bring joy to you. It is completely your choice.

Choose to cultivate an attitude of joy.

How can you do this? Decide to be happy – no matter what. Decide to be the life Read More

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You’re an Original

It’s true. There is no one else on this whole planet that is exactly like you. In fact, no one even comes close. You are the only one who holds your unique point of view and you are the only one who sees the world through your eyes. Even when others say to you, “Hey, we think alike”, they are only partially speaking the truth. There is no one else who can possibly think the same exact thought as you, because your thoughts are a culmination of your entire life experience and every thought and feeling you have ever Read More

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