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What’s Your Tipping Point?

There is a specific point in time, a special number when reached that a critical mass meets the outer limit of its’ current comfort zone… At that very second, the scales tip, never to return again to their former existence and place in the world. It is at this time that you have reached what is known as the tipping point. When reached, the tipping point moves us on a personal level to get married or divorced, to be rich or poor, to be healthy or to be unhealthy, to move from feeling sorry for oneself or to take control, Read More

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Do You Give Away Your Power?

As you move through each day, there are many moments of choice. In fact, your whole day is made up of choices. The question is, are you consciously choosing your course of action, or are you submitting to the whims and wishes of others without taking in to account your own needs and desires? For example, when someone unexpectedly asks for your time, do you automatically do whatever it is they ask, even when you are already quite busy? Or do you honor your self and your own priorities? In a situation like this, you may wish to take a Read More
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Nobody Knows Like Your Body Knows

You want answers and you want them now.  And you don’t want just any old answer; you want the right answer for your specific inquiry right now.  When you consult your thinking mind, you will find a good deal of information.  Your mind will guide you to the pros and cons, it will lead you through all your past experiences that relate to the question at hand, and it will provide all the options that are available.  Is this really what you want?  Lots and lots of options?  No.  You want the answer that is perfect for you, and you … Read More

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Clearing to Create

In order to receive more into our lives, it is often necessary to create space. Sometimes the space we must create is physical as in cleaning out your closet to make room for new clothes or clearing your garage to make room for a new car. If you want a new love relationship in your life, you might try sleeping on one side of the bed instead of in the middle.

If you want to be more joyful or more at ease, you must clear out the current emotions or feelings that you have to make room for the new Read More

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