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YOU Are The Miracle You’ve Been Waiting For

There is no one on this earth more important, more special or more powerful than you. The gifts you possess are unique to you. The creativity that you hold within you and that you use in your actions is a treasure. The love you feel and the love you share provide immense joy to those touched by you. The beauty of your soul is matched only by the beauty of your expression of it.

You are truly a Miracle.

As you recognize the immense splendor of the being you are, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Read More

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Honoring our Mothers

As we move through life, we often see our mothers in ourselves. We may catch ourselves doing what our mothers have done in the same situation. We hear words from our own lips and we hear our mothers voices. We find our thought process asking the question, “What would mom do?”

The influence of our mothers is with us for our whole lives; it never leaves.

No matter the relationship you have had with your mother over the years or the one you have today, even if she is no longer on this earth, her voice is in your head Read More

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A Single Conversation is Worth 23 Emails

Have you had the experience of emailing back and forth, back and forth with someone about a specific topic, and yet, you still did not have definitive next steps or a good sense of what the other party was trying to say to you? Or have you received an email from someone and wondered what the heck they just wrote or what you might have done to inspire such ire, only to find out later that what you thought you read wasn’t really what they meant? Yes, the prevalence of emails and texting has brought a whole new set of … Read More

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Celebrations as a practice

cupcakeThere are many causes for celebration as we move through the days of our lives.  There are birthdays and anniversaries, births and  deaths, promotions and new homes, and so many more.  I have often noticed that many people choose to ‘skip’ or overlook these opportunities to celebrate and welcome these events.  They let their own birthday pass without acknowledging the beauty of what they have accomplished, the things they have done, the people they have met and loved, and the many incredible choices they have made over the years of their life.

Truly each new day is a cause for … Read More

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