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We Need Each Other

Hands - Holding 2 setsScientists have been studying the interaction of human beings for centuries and the conclusion is always the same. We need each other. Physically we have a need for human touch. Infants who are not held and touched in their first months of life either die or become emotionally and physically stunted in their growth. We recognize physical intimacy as a powerful tool for increased energy and stimulating creativity. As we observe those people who are loners, whose who withdraw from society, we often label them as being a ‘few cards short of a deck’, because they often lose the ability … Read More

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Why Raving Fans Matter

leap silhouette sunsetIn order to have any level of success in any area of your life, you must have at least a few raving fans.  Raving fans come in many varieties and sometimes they come from where you might least expect it.


Some raving fans are “born” into your life. These would be your parents, siblings and other relatives. These people sometimes feel obliged to be your fan by nature of your relationship to them, and generally they are happy to see you succeed and move ahead with your dreams. This type of fan is sometimes hard won because they are … Read More

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There’s more than one way.

Beach - PeopleSome people move through their lives and become set in their ways.  They enjoy only one way of eating a bagel, take the same road to the office every day and have clearly mastered a pattern of thinking that they do not sway from.  They find comfort and security in ‘certainty’ and find discomfort and un-ease in change.  For these people life becomes a hard and fast game of stringent guidelines, sameness and resistance.  To venture from what they know to be right and true creates for them a precarious road on which to travel their life journey.  The word … Read More

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Does Your Business Still Move You?

When you started your business you were thrilled and excited by the amazing possibility that lay before you.  The plans, the projections, the partnerships, the autonomy, the freedom, the bliss, the prospect of clients flocking to you in droves and lots of money flowing to you continuously.  The potential for growth was staggering and there was no thought of less than stellar revenues and profits, and certainly no thought of failure.  Then you started doing the work and realized that the vision you had became a mirage and you found yourself plodding along on a treadmill to nowhere.

If this Read More

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Open Your Mind to Possibility

In the reading of the bestselling book Women, Food and God, I found myself immersed in the possibility of release.  Release from a lifetime of feeling caught up in so many emotions about food.  What Geneen Roth taught me through the pages of her book is that we are all searching for something to make us feel “OK” and good and accepted.  People search along different paths, but always for these same feelings.

A profound statement she makes is that “Real change happens bit by bit. It takes great effort to become effortless at anything. There are no quick Read More

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