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So You Think You Want To Be an Author

penHave you ever said or thought these words … “I know I have a book in me, but I don’t have the time to write it” or, “I know my story would help lots of people, but it costs too much money to publish a book”?  There are lots of people out there in the same boat and they are trying to find the answer.

The truth about being an author is that there is a myriad of incredible benefits and it is worth the time, energy and money to make it happen.  But life sometimes has other plans for … Read More

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The Power of Making Real Connections – 7 Tips

Hands - Holding 2 sets In our society today, “connections” is a huge buzz word.  If you are connected, you are someone who has access to and influence with the “right” people.  The “right” people will vary depending on certain situations that arise.  At times, we may desire connections in the school systems, with financiers, with health professionals or connections with business people and friends.  We may also require spiritual connections, love connections and connections with individuals of like-minds.  It is the connections you have and the amount of influence you have with them, along with your belief in yourself that will provide strength, security, … Read More

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The Transformational Power of Gratitude ~ It’s Easier than You Think

Arms Raised - sunsetYou’ve been grateful your whole life.  In fact, among the first words you learned as a child are the words “thank you”.  Your parents taught you when to say it, who to say it to and that you should say it every time something good is bestowed upon you.  As you grew up, you found that when you said these words, it made people happy.  You probably also enjoyed hearing these words and found some pleasure in being thanked by someone for something you gave them, something nice you did for them or something nice you said.  You learned that … Read More

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A Safe Port or the High Seas


What’s so safe about a port?  Ports provide protection from the vast seas. They are built as a welcome haven with strong docks to accommodate their visitors. Ports are not built for permanent habitation. They are built as a welcome haven, a layover, a place to trade goods for other assets.  They are places to conduct business – short term business – never a place to stay for the duration of the life of the ship.

The sea is vast and offers a multitude of choices. At first glance, there are four directions to head – north, south, east and … Read More

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