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Is Common Sense Really So Common?

Turtle in roadIn the course of a day, I run across so many things that simply don’t make sense to me.

Yesterday, I got some coffee from a restaurant in a food court. When I proceeded to the area to get some cream and sugar, I found that it was also the order pick-up window. I was interrupted in fixing my coffee three times in the course of one minute and someone nearly spilled my coffee as they reached for their sandwich.

Then, this morning I was browsing a very interesting website and I tried to find a phone number to call … Read More

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Mirror, Mirror of Myself

Scenery - Tranquil Water & TreesWe’ve all had times in our life when we meet someone, and we experience dejavu. We could swear we’ve met them before. In an attempt to make the connection, we ask lots of questions to figure out how we might know them. ‘Did you grow up in Texas?’ ‘Where did you go to college?’ ‘Do your kids play softball?’

Sometimes, we just can’t put our finger on it, but, we feel as though we know them. Ans sometimes, we feel as though we’ve known them forever. There is an immediate connection. We are drawn to them instinctively, and they are … Read More

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New Year, New You ~ Or Not

FireworksThe powers that be would have us believe that the beginning of a new year means the beginning of new habits and new ways of being. We search for new bodies, better relationships, the end of ‘bad habits’ and more material stuff. We’re tricked each year into believing that what we had last year and they way we showed up in the world simply doesn’t cut it. Is this true for you?

Does January 1st mark a new beginning for you or is it simply a comfortable and uneventful continuation of the year before?

Consider this: Are you really any … Read More

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