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Feelings of Peace

peace sign on beachHow are you feeling today?  How would you like to feel today?  Happy? Joyful? Peaceful?

PEACE:  A feeling of ease and calm within,
no matter what exists around you.

A feeling doesn’t happen to you, it is produced within your mind. Your feelings are derived from your thoughts. The mind then sends the signal to your heart and body to mimic the feeling that the mind produced. It is not the other way around.

You might say to yourself “he made me feel bad with his accusations”, but in fact it is your thoughts about what he said that create … Read More

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Fabric of Life


Think about a time that you were completely wrapped up in a project – worked wholeheartedly and seemingly non-stop and then suddenly, boom…it’s over. Have you ever felt like you don’t know what to do with yourself?  I mean, now that the party is over, the thing is done, you’ve celebrated, you’ve rested, you’ve closed the file and the dust has settled, how do you decide what comes next?

The truth is that life (and business) is a continuation of projects, goals and desires.  They don’t really ever end…they simply continue on, one right after the other. And if we … Read More

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