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It’s Better Because of You

beautiful woman enjoy in meadowBy your inherent nature and energy, you continually affect everything and everyone you come in contact with.  The combined energy of your heart space and your brain send ‘waves’ to all that surrounds you and simply by thinking and feeling, you literally create the world around you. Your feelings and thoughts are being mirrored back to you at the same time you are thinking and feeling them, and they show up in the people, places and circumstances you observe.  What does this mean?

You are both the creator and observer of your experience.

If you can wrap your head around … Read More

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Inspiration is the Beginning, the Middle and the End

Woman-with-hands-raised_mediumSo here before us is the chicken and egg question… Do you have to be inspired to take the first step or can the first step be taken to bring forth inspiration? In other words, can you move forward without the feeling in order to create the feeling? The short answer is yes…and no.

Imagine yourself having a goal in mind and yet feeling completely uninspired, not driven and apathetic towards its fruition. For example, you’d like to have a clean house and you have company coming for the weekend, and yet you can’t bring yourself to pull the vacuum … Read More

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Thinking Big – Starting Small

Scenery - Snow Capped PeakLooking at a new project can be invigorating, exciting and thrilling!  It can bring a skip to your step and a new sense of energy to your being.  It can ‘refresh’ a previously stale or stuck business or relationship.  At the same time, it can bring with it anxiety, fear and overwhelm that could result in procrastination or dissing the whole idea from the start.  So what’s a girl to do? Not dive into something new and exciting?  The answer is simple:


Break it down into bite-size, easy-to-swallow chunks.


When you look at a thing in its entirety, … Read More

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What lies before you is EVERYTHING…


What you are seeing around you at this very moment has very little to do with what is possible for your future. The situation you are currently in is a direct reflection of your past thinking and actions. What lies before you is whatever you decide and think about and feel from this day forward plus whatever inspired actions you take in the direction of your vision.

There is no pre-destined path for you that does not include your personal vision, dreams and desires. Literally, all paths are open to you and you may choose to walk upon any of … Read More

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