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Even a Tiny Light Brightens a Dark Space

Big Sky with Sun Rays and Grasst is in the darkest of rooms that we can see even the smallest crack of light peeking through the blackness. It seems to cut through the dark like a knife. This same small crack of light cannot even be seen when it enters an already lit room. Our lives are like this. We often overlook the tiny bits of good that are coming to us because we already have other good around us. Does this mean that another small bit of good, another ray of light, coming into our lives doesn’t matter? On the contrary…it is the many tiny … Read More

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Trying and Failing

Starfish_02_(paulshaffner)This past month I entered a contest and lost. I didn’t win. I didn’t get the prize. I didn’t get the title. I failed. AND…I am already looking for the next contest, and I’ll be happy again even if I fail. Why? Am I a glutton for punishment? No, in fact it is exactly the opposite.

Is it worth trying, even when the possibility of failure exists?

There are so many good things that happened in the process of the contest and even in the failing of it – and in fact, it looks as though the best things … Read More

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What American Idol Does for America

american-idol-logoIt’s true that as Americans we love to celebrate winning; not the Charlie Sheen version, but honest to goodness winning.  We think we like to see the final result and to crown a victor, but the truth is that we love the process and the journey even more than we love the outcome – and this is a perfect metaphor for how to live our lives.

We all love to see someone going after their dreams. We love to see them getting a chance to hone their talent, to put it all out there and to take home the title.  … Read More

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Please Vote! Guest Blogger for Brian Tracy

brian tracyWOW!  … I am so excited to announce that I have been selected as a TOP 60 Finalist to be a Guest Blogger for Brian Tracy – Yes, THE Brian Tracy, the hugely popular and incredible Personal Development Teacher, Trainer and Guru.  Many people don’t realize that Brian Tracy is a huge proponent of the Law of Attraction and he teaches it in every course, speech and book he produces.  My blog post is 9 Keys to Networking with a Heart and this message needs to be spread so that everyone, everywhere can have more abundance, connections and joy in … Read More

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A Bad Mood is and Indicator of Change

800px-Monarch_Butterfly_Danaus_plexippus_on_Echinacea_purpurea_2800pxHave you ever woken up ‘grumpy” or with a pervasive feeling of dread or sadness?  You search your mind wondering where these feelings and thoughts come from, and you have no answer – just this horrible bad mood to deal with. So you try to change your mood by looking on the bright side and this works for a few minutes or a few hours, but then the darkness creeps right back in and BOOM there you are feeling anxious, fearful or depressed again – for no apparent reason!

What does this mean? An unexplained bad mood is an indicator … Read More

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