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Newly Enhanced Network Helps Women Grow Personally, Spiritually and in Business

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The three major changes include the launch of the Powerful You! Learning Center, the brand new PY! Virtual Network Meetings and a brand new online social networking website.  In addition, current members will enjoy reduced monthly meeting fees and the new book, Networking with a Heart by the Founders Sue Urda and Kathy Fyler.

The Learning Center will hold three, one-hour long sessions each month taught by experts and trainers in various business, personal and spiritual growth topics. The sessions will be recorded and made available online for all members 24/7.  The PY! Virtual Meetings are live, online network meetings … Read More

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Your Story Is Whatever You Decide

7646446 The two articles we are sharing this week both speak about the significance of storytelling.  Truly, we are all storytellers; whether we tell stories to ourselves, about ourselves or about our observances, perspectives and circumstances, we are thinking and speaking in pictures and emotion.

It is virtually impossible to tell a story without emotion

…And it is virtually impossible to listen to a story without drawing some sort of conclusion or making a judgment. We are emotional beings and we have been taught from our youth to make judgments about everything we see, hear and experience. This is a protective … Read More

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Whatever Your Calling, It is God’s Work

beach - walkway toThere are some people who say “I have a vocation” or “I have a calling” or “I know that what I am doing is my purpose in life”. I used to be envious of these people until I realized that they are no different than anyone else on this earth, and they are certainly no different than me. These people simply had allowed themselves to be open to their purpose – and actually it’s even more than that…they have allowed themselves to decide what their purpose is.

Every thought, word and deed is a step towards your purpose.

What I … Read More

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