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Getting Others to Agree With You

Sunset - two people talkingThere are times when you feel very clear about your path and you trust the direction in which you are moving.  Much of the time, you find that others involved will be right there with you, totally aligned and in agreement. On occasion though, as you move forward someone steps forth and throws a kink in the works. They have their own plan, their own agenda, and it is definitely not in sync with yours. What to do?

Listen.  Listen first to them.

Listen with the intention of understanding their position and their motivation. Listen for the truth. Listen with … Read More

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YOU Are The Miracle You’ve Been Waiting For

800px-Waves_in_pacifica_1There is no one on this earth more important, more special or more powerful than you. The gifts you possess are unique to you. The creativity that you hold within you and that you use in your actions is a treasure. The love you feel and the love you share provide immense joy to those touched by you. The beauty of your soul is matched only by the beauty of your expression of it.

You are truly a Miracle.

As you recognize the immense splendor of the being you are, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that … Read More

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Is Universal Peace of Mind Really Possible?

peace sign on beachPeople value things differently. Some people get a high from having fun, laughter, adventure, excitement and even danger in their lives.  Some people find learning, structure and knowledge provides them with a sense of power and certainty.  Other people value calm and ease, silence, prayer and serenity.  All of these people in one way or other are seeking the same thing – peace of mind. What offers peace of mind to one person may bring angst and fear to another.

You can tell a lot about a person’s values by what type of activities they choose, what line of work … Read More

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