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Breathing through Discomfort

CB060658Tension is something that can sneak up on you gradually or it can happen in a moment.  One thing you can be sure of is if you are experiencing tension in your emotional life, you will also experience tension in your physical body.

When you are tense, you may experience a number of different physical symptoms including, and not limited, to a tightening of your muscles, weakening of your limbs, headaches, dizziness, crankiness, depression, an ache or knot in your stomach, or random aches and pains.  A common symptom that accompanies tension or stress is that your breathing becomes shallow.… Read More

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Picture This!

“Hold an image of the life you want, and that image will become fact.”

– Norman Vincent Peale

TulipsIt’s true we think in pictures.  Our minds create an image when we think about something specifc.  Try this… Think of a baby.  Think of a bridge.  Think of what you ate for lunch.  What did you see?  Most likely, all of these “thoughts” came to you as “images”.  You could actually picture a specific baby, a certain bridge and a nice healthy salad (or perhaps a tuna melt and some chips!).  And, not only did you get a picture in … Read More

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Is Common Sense Really So Common?

PenguinsIn the course of a day, I run across so many things that don’t make sense to me.

Yesterday, I got some coffee from a restaurant in a food court.  When I proceeded to the area to get some cream and sugar, I found that it was also the order pick-up window.  I was interrupted in fixing my coffee 3 times in the course of one minute and someone nearly spilled my coffee as they reached for their sandwich.

Then, this morning I was browsing a very interesting website and I tried to find a phone number to call the … Read More

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Happy New Year (or Not)

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012The New Year is upon us and we have all heard many wishes of Happy New Year! We’ve wished it many times for others and we are all hoping and even praying it will turn out to be this way, right? Well, what happens to these wishes and thoughts of happiness as the month rolls on by and the good feelings of the holidays are a distant and waning memory? Is having a Happy Year something we even think about? For many people, happiness is not top of mind. Instead, we focus on the day to day drudgery, a busy … Read More

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