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Your Body Knows

7627918Your body is a source of innate and perfect wisdom. If you tap in to the signals it is sending you in each and every moment, you will always know the right thing for you to do and you’ll always be on the right path for you.

C’mon… Can Your Body Really Talk to You?

Absolutely, yes.  You have certainly had the experience of a gnawing and uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach or a pang of fear that grips you in the chest, or maybe for you, there is a weakness in your legs or a tingling … Read More

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You Don’t Need Fixing

j0399507What is this incessant need to make ourselves better? Why don’t we accept who we are and what we have as enough?

Blame it on Your Parents

Sure, this sounds a little bit harsh, but there is no denying the conditioning that took place in our formative years. We idolized our parents and looked to them for cues on everything we did and thought, who we hung out with, what was acceptable for our place in the household and in their hearts. We did things purely because it would make Mommy and Daddy happy, and we thrived on their approval. … Read More

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No Matter the Question, LOVE is the Answer

Roses and babies breathIt’s true.  There is not a single situation, circumstance or person that cannot be answered with love.  A loving response carries with it the essence of life and, as such, is always welcomed and understood at the level of Spirit.

When You Answer with LOVE You will Always be Heard

Valentine’s Day is a reminder of demonstrating the love we feel in our hearts.  Use this day to reflect upon those you love, what you love about them and the many ways you can express this love on an on-going basis.  Why?  The more loving thoughts and actions you bring … Read More

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Moving to the Next Level

sunrise 1-25 010Life is good and everything is pretty much “copasetic “.  You’re healthy and have people who love you, you have a roof over your head and food to eat.  Things could definitely be worse and you really don’t have much to complain about, right?

So why do you feel there is something more to be had?

It’s because there IS!  Life is so full of incredible adventures, peaceful bliss, joyful moments and intense exhilaration.  It is filled with opportunity and more pleasures than we can even imagine.  So how can you tap into this and feel the beauty of life … Read More

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