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Thanks for Giving and Thanks for Receiving

Hands - Holding 2 setsGRATITUDE is a feeling in your heart that resonates through your entire body.  It doesn’t matter if you are on the giving or receiving end of gratitude – it works just the same.  As it moves through you, it literally makes you healthier and happier.  You know this is true because of the feelings you feel in your body as you give yourself over to that moment of pure appreciation and thankfulness.

ON THE RECEIVING END, we recognize a warmth coming into our hearts as we accept appreciation, and on the giving end we send forth this same warmth from … Read More

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Joint Venture Partnership Openings for Book Launch: Women Living Consciously

FB - HOTPRESS RELEASE:  For Immediate Release

Powerful You! Inc. announces a new joint venture partnership for their soon to be released anthology book, Women Living Consciously ~ Real Stories of Women Living on Purpose, with Passion, Empowered. This powerful new anthology book by Powerful You! Publishing ($19.95, ISBN 978-1-4675-2176-5) is a collection of stories by 47 women who have woken up to a more conscious life in their careers, relationships, well-being and spirituality. The stories reveal the authors’ sometimes less-than-ideal circumstances and emotional struggles—including  loss, abuse, neglect, lack of connection, self-esteem issues, health crises and more—to their current state of … Read More

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Do Your Actions Match Your Vision?

sunrise 1-25 007The importance of having a clear, vivid vision that is exciting to the holder of the vision is a prerequisite for creating a specific, desired result. This is the first step – create your vision. See it, know it, dream it, feel it, write it.  These are the things that create clarity and focus.

The next step is to take a look at your actions.  Do your everyday actions match those of a person who has achieved the vision you have for yourself?  Are you doing the things that are aligned with the ‘feeling place’ of your vision? Are you … Read More

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