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When All Else Fails Remember, Failure is Simply a Result

Leaning Tower of PisaJust like everything else in this life, failure is whatever youthink it is.  So what do you think it is?  Is it a reflection of your character, your brain power or your abilities?  Is it the end of a journey because things didn’t happen as you envisioned?  Or is it simply a result?   When you choose to look at failure as a dark and gloomy “finality”, and you take it on as an aspect of your personhood, you may be burdening yourself with unnecessary baggage.  If you label failure as “bad”, you may also make the leap and label yourself … Read More

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Million Dollar Ideas

You’ve probably had at leaBIC099st one million dollar idea in your lifetime, right? In fact, I imagine you might have even had ten or even a hundred of them. Some people will even attest that they saw their idea ‘in the flesh’ on a store shelf or for sale on the internet not too long after they had it… and they got no credit or made no money for the incredible idea they had. For instance, I remember telling my dad in the early 1980’s about an idea I had for an umbrella that not only opens, but also … Read More

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How to Heal Anything ~ LIVE!

3D television conceptOn Tuesday, June 19th, at 7PM Eastern, my dear friend Kumari will be hosting a live-streaming show called, “How to Heal Anything ~ LIVE!” Her first show will address perhaps the most impactful topic in everyone’s life: “Healing Money Issues So You Can Lock in More Prosperity and Abundance.”

During this 90-minute live-streaming program, Kumari will personally take you through an advanced healing and manifesting technique to clear beliefs of scarcity and “not enough” and anchor in the energy patterns of abundance and prosperity.

** On this Healing live-stream show, you’ll learn about: **

— Why the mental/emotional patterns of lack and scarcity are keeping you from having … Read More

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Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket

BXP35164As long as I can remember, I have opted for putting all of my eggs in one basket. I simply decided what I wanted and went for it; and nine times out of ten, I got it! I was never a fan of second and third choices either, unless it involved ice cream flavors or pizza toppings. I learned at an early age that I almost always got what I set out for, and even though I witnessed others who this didn’t always work for, I couldn’t see any reason for me to change my way of getting what I … Read More

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It’s Good to have ‘Sheroes’

Mother TeresaAs a kid, my biggest Sheroe was my mom. I swore she could do anything better and faster than anyone I knew. When we played basketball she even made more baskets than my dad and brothers. I wanted to be like her (except for the part where she cleaned the house so often).

These days, Mom is still one of my Sheroes and I have many more too. For me, Sheroes serve many purposes. They provide someone to look up to, admire and aspire to be like. They help us set our personal standards and goals and help us to … Read More

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIDEO! ~ Feel free to share


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