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Are you a Possibility Thinker?

sunrise 3 feb 16 002Possibility thinkers are those who dwell in the realm of all that could be. They remove their thoughts from “what is” and decide to focus their vision on what “could be” possible if they would allow themselves to think it.

Possibility thinkers are often accused of being dreamers, schemers and hopeless romantics by those who inundate themselves with “reality”. These “realists” are those who think of what exists around them as the only possibility for what will ever be around them – and then they are disappointed and, at the same time, vindicated for feeling this way. Many realists have … Read More

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So You Think You Want To Be an Author

penHave you ever said or thought these words … “I know I have a book in me, but I don’t have the time to write it” or, “I know my story would help lots of people, but it costs too much money to publish a book”?  There are lots of people out there in the same boat and they are trying to find the answer.

The truth about being an author is that there is a myriad of incredible benefits and it is worth the time, energy and money to make it happen.  But life sometimes has other plans for

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Can You Ever Truly Know Someone?

Water Sailboat Palm TreesDo you ever wonder how you can have a conversation with someone and walk away without really knowing much about them at all? You may even have spent a whole evening with them or a whole day, or maybe you even work with them 5 days a week – and yet, how much do you really know about them?  And how much do they know about you?  Do you share yourself? I don’t mean the topical, not so important stuff. I am talking about sharing the things that really matter to you.

Do You Share Your Heart and Soul?

So … Read More

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