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Bite-Size is Better – For Snacks and Life’s Other Goodies

We’ve all been there!  In front of you, you have what could seem like an overwhelming task. It is huge in scope and may take days, weeks or even months to complete. You know you want it, because you hold the vision of its completion in your mind’s eye and you see yourself celebrating on the other side. But to get there feels like a humongous journey and the magnitude of the to-dos looms large. You can literally see the rest of your life fading away in the shadows. Your breath becomes shallow and you feel a flash coming on Read More

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Why Does EASY Get a Bad Rap?

If it’s easy, it’s too good to be true. You have to work hard if you want to make the big bucks. If you’re looking for the easy way, you’re lazy. I know you’ve heard some of these… Maybe you’re the one saying them or maybe they’re a tiny, persistent voice in your head; either way, they are limiting beliefs that wreak havoc with what we all say we’d like to have – which is a life of ease.

Who Said Life has to be Hard Anyway?

If you think back to the first time you took in the concept Read More

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Are You Waiting Around?

People wait around all the time. In fact if you ask the question, “What are you doing?” or “What’s next?” the answer often comes back starting with the words “I’m waiting for …” and what follows next can be any number of things:  An idea. Inspiration. More money. A job offer. Better conditions. A sunny day. The right partner. Retirement. A phone call. Someone else to decide. The list goes on and on.

And all the while we are waiting for something to change or something to happen or an answer to our question, guess what? Life is happening. The Read More

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Every woman makes a difference in this world.

Your individual energy and actions effect those who are around you.

And the collective energy of all women shifts the entire world.

Yes, you are that powerful. And together we are awesome.

Choose to share your love and shine your light.

Yes, you.

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What Keeps You Up At Night?

It has been said that the thoughts we have in the middle of the night are ones we should pay attention to. We’ve all woken up at 2:00am with some crazy thought about what’s wrong in our life, or conversely some incredibly creative idea that’s the answer to what we were trying so hard to come up with during the day.  These wee-hour insights have provided many of us with direction for moving forward, and those who take action on them often find miraculous happenings occurring for them. This is the power of the subconscious and unconscious mind at work.… Read More

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