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Pushing Through, Giving In or Giving It a Rest

overwhelm_life2Your project is in front of you. You feel it deeply in your bones. You see it emblazoned in your minds’ eye. You can taste it. Yes. It’s all you’ve thought about, dreamed of and worked on for days, weeks – maybe even months.

You know deep in your soul that it’s what you’re meant to do, and you can feel the satisfaction and pure joy of the realization of all of it. But it simply isn’t happening as you envisioned.

Your Desired Results are Simply Not Manifesting

What gives? Haven’t we all heard of the Law of Attraction? We Read More

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Middle of the Night Twinges

sleepless-night-400x400They happen to everyone at some time or another. You wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night with the remnants of a crazy dream swirling around in your head. You missed the deadline, or you forgot to send that email, or you really need to have an answer and, for the life of you, you don’t know what it is.

These same twinges can come to you in the middle of the day. As you drive to pick up the kids from dance practice, you realize that you threw your favorite jeans in the dryer Read More

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Do You Allow Inspiration In?

women091107_468x398Pretty much every day I am blessed to be in conversation with at least one amazing woman who is out there living her dream, loving her life and leaving nothing to chance. These women have set themselves up for the amazing riches life has to offer, because they have chosen to accept what is around them, open for more of what they desire, and be grateful for everything along the way.

Is this You? Are You Open to Receive?

The truth is that there is inspiration and abundance all around us. It is our birthright to feel and be “in … Read More

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