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I Love Him More

Dad boxer shorts

Dad showing off his new boxer shorts at Christmas. Always making us laugh.

I didn’t think it was possible – for love to continue to grow after someone has left the planet – but I realize it’s not only possible, it’s happened for me.

Two days ago was the 21st anniversary of my father’s passing. For some reason when I woke on this day I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. I allowed myself to feel the pain and the tears to flow. I felt a heaviness in my heart that was greater than I had felt in many … Read More

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Time Crunch

keep-calm-its-crunch-timeI don’t know about you, but the best way for me to get anything done is to give myself a hard and fast deadline. When I know I have a limited period of time to complete a task some really cool things start happening in my brain and body.

It’s as if I find a gear I never knew I had and things not only start to flow, they actually ‘amp up’.

If I’m creating a plan, thoughts and ideas flourish and immediately fall into the perfect place. If I’m writing an article, words shoot out of my fingertips and … Read More

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People Want to Give Me Money

Stacks_of_moneyThis morning alone I received three emails from people offering to give me money. Jim McC—ar randomly decided to make a $2 million donation to me, an attorney representing a long lost relative of mine from Algeria is holding $54 million US Dollars and all he needs is my bank routing code to get it to me, and then there’s the $110 Pound grant that has been awarded for my bravery. Wouldn’t it be great if any of these were real?

Each time I receive one of these emails I wonder what these people have to gain. I wonder if … Read More

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