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What do BBQ and Fireworks have to do with Freedom?

freedomThe 4th of July holiday is coming up next weekend and, as we know here in America,  it’s a tradition to celebrate Independence Day with BBQs, beach-going, parties, flag-flying, and fireworks. I was thinking about the USA celebrating her independence as a nation, and many people feeling a deep sense of patriotism. I find that it provokes a deeper meaning for me that isn’t necessarily connected to the traditional holiday focus. For me, it’s a celebration of freedom in a much bigger sense.

Freedom is one of my highest values.

Freedom is one of the reasons I’m an entrepreneur … Read More

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Going with the Flow Ain’t Always Easy

Go with the Flow

Go with the Flow

I’m writing this later than usual because I have been consumed the past two weeks with the care of my mom. She had a pretty nasty car accident and besides being banged up physically, she was badly shaken. Sometimes the emotional impact is greater than the physical in situations like this, and I’m so grateful and happy that I could be here for her during the healing process. I’m happy to report that two weeks later, she’s progressing nicely; sleeping more soundly, getting comfortable, and she has a really good prognosis. She seems more and more … Read More

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