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What Do Curve Balls, Mercury Retrograde, and Sh*t have in Common?

Surprise - I Love LucyLife is full of twists and turns, curve balls and sliders, bombshells and surprises. Surprises. HAH! It’s all really nice way of saying that sometimes sh*t happens.

Yes, sh*t happens to all of us at some time or another. The interesting thing is that sometimes it comes out of nowhere and we’re blind-sided. Other times it’s like watching a car crash — You know it’s going to happen, you feel that it’s going to be terrible or maybe even unbearable, and yet you can’t look away. You’re mesmerized by the combination of the intense emotion you’re feeling, the pit in … Read More

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Trust and Have Faith that ALL IS WELL

nienieneckHold the Vision. Trust the Process.

When things aren’t going exactly as you planned, hold tight to your dreams, goals, and vision. You’ve experienced something like this before – things weren’t working out as you expected, and you made it through. There was a monkey wrench, a curve ball, or fork in the road that stopped your progress or changed your direction, and you made it through. You’re where you are today, and maybe your path looks nothing like you envisioned in the beginning. And it’s perfect anyway.

You allowed your path to morph into what it is now. Read More

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There’s Lots Going On Here…

6572951_origIf you’re anything like me, you’re pretty darn busy right now. This is one of the busiest times our business has had in a few years — we have a big road trip coming up with our Grow Tour happening in just about two weeks, we’re working with authors for our next two anthologies, we’re creating a new program that will be announced on our tour, our women’s network continues to blossom, we’re putting the final touches on our brand new shiny website, and we have a few other irons in the fire too.

PFEW! Just writing this makes Read More

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How Personal Development affects your life and business…

a-GROW - 2Personal Development and Spiritual Growth is so undervalued when it comes to the role it plays in business growth and success. Surveys show that 80% of people spend less than $200 on their personal development annually. What they probably don’t realize is that it’s directly affecting – in a not so good way – the level of success they will achieve.

Who You Are as a Person is Who You Are in Business

When you decide to work on yourself, increase your skills, and open yourself to the possibility of an advanced and upgraded you, you set yourself up for … Read More

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