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Endings = Beginnings

2015-2016I’m not usually one to make black and white statements. I believe in unlimited shades of gray, multiple facets, and the many different perspectives there are to view things. I have found though that there are a few things that are simply as they are—absolutes, if you will.

One of the absolutes I have found to be true in every instance of my life is that…

Endings = Beginnings

I have found no exceptions to this. For example:

  • When physical life ends, our spiritual life begins (continues).
  • When a relationship ends, loneliness and/or an opening begins.
  • When a job ends,
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The Nut Roll Pat Down and Intentions

What a10848017_10204182486817323_5522152862614943385_nn interesting experience I had at DFW airport this week. At the security checkpoint my bag was pulled aside because of a “suspicious item”. It ends up the item in question was a homemade nut roll that my mom had given me to take home for Christmas. It’s a delicious pastry and one of my favorite holiday treats, and so when they took it out of my bag with their rubber-gloved hands I asked them to be gentle. They swabbed the outside of the foil packet and put the tab into a machine to test for substances. “Trace … Read More

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