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AD - free ebookImagine having 20 immediately-actionable tips to grow your business. Now imagine that these tips come from individuals who have your best interest at heart… And imagine that these tips will not only help you grow your business but help you stay aligned with your highest values as you do it! Now imagine that these tips are MY GIFT TO YOU, and they’re totally free.

I’m grateful to be a co-author and publisher of this amazing e-book, QUICK TIPS FOR CONSCIOUS BUSINESS GROWTH.

It is full of 20 easy-to-read, information-packed practices, guides, tools, and tips to help you with your conscious … Read More

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Sweet Home Alabama!

Lagoon ViewI never thought I’d say these words … except when I’m singing along with the song on the radio or watching (yet again) the feel-good movie of the same name.

And yet, here I am saying out loud, “Sweet Home Alabama” because this is where Kathy and I are living for the first few months of this year.

Yep! We’re living in Alabama. Go figure.

Why? We decided to shake things up a bit after “one heck of a year” in 2015. We needed a change of scenery, a new vibe, and something to re-energize our spirits. As I write … Read More

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