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A Slight Shift of Perspective

empathyHave you ever cleaned a countertop, a window pane or a stainless steel refrigerator?  Have you noticed that when you moved away from it, even just an inch or two, you saw that you had missed a spot or that there were streaks you didn’t see before?  The surface that you thought was perfectly cleaned looked quite different from a minutely different angle. The same thing happens with our thinking and decision-making process.

Decisions, Decisions

There are times when we think we have all the information we need and that we are on the right track; and then boom, we … Read More

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Patience is a Virtue

dc19b1b29f4df98683c5f171d9c4b742This saying, patience is a virtue, really irritates me. Perhaps it’s because I feel that I don’t have much of it sometimes, and that being patient doesn’t really get things done. Action is what makes things happen, and hard work and long hours come into play too.

We’ve just experienced this with our new website that is being officially launched in just a few days. It’s literally been in the works for more than a year – that includes the thinking and structure stages, the design and development stages, the content and functionality stages, and of course, the final stages … Read More

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