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The Cool Side of the Pillow

201112-orig-sleep-disruptors-pillows-284x426We are greatly enjoying our time here in Texas with mom. It’s nice to be able to have focused time with mom to help her, and even just talk about the simplest day-to-day tasks. What I realize is that there is so much of life that happens in every single moment and how we can miss out on the little things when we’re not together more often. And I’m reminded that little things mean the most – hugs, laughter, ‘real, deep’ conversation, and sharing of meals. I’m enjoying it while I can

I’m also reminded how much I love my … Read More

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The Power of Focused Energy

focusScattered beams of sunlight illuminate our entire planet. The same scattered beams, when concentrated through a piece of glass, can set a leaf on fire. This same concept of focus works for your thoughts, feelings and actions.

When you are feeling “scatter-brained” it is as if you are all over the place and unable to get a particular thought to take shape and have meaning. When you multi-task, you are giving divided focus to many things, and therefore diminishing the power of each of them. When you are feeling wishy-washy about a decision or a person, the uncompleted emotion can … Read More

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More Heaven: Because Every Child Is Special

More Heaven Book AdDear Friends,

I’m excited to be part of my friend/colleague, Dr. Jo Anne White’s book launch today for More Heaven: Because Every Child Is Special.

More Heaven is a true inspirational story about never giving up and about bringing out the best  in our children and in all of us.  It’s for anyone who cares about making sure our children feel valued, adored and appreciated and guides the way to help our young people and us overcome challenging times.

TODAY ONLY, to help get this most important message out into the world, you can order More Heaven at a special … Read More

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Procrastination is the Answer

procrastination (1)Okay, so the title is a bit dicey. Procrastination is only the answer if you don’t want to move forward. Procrastination kills momentum. Procrastination is a way of saying to the world that you really don’t believe in the beauty of your dreams, or that you don’t feel worthy to receive them.

Or is it something more? 

If you are feeling a tug that is telling you to wait, you may want to consider if this tug is your intuition and your inner guidance system, or if this tug is pure and simple fear. You will know the difference by … Read More

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