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Are you a Possibility Thinker?

big_blue_sky_stock_by_fahrmboy_stockI love developing new ideas and working on new projects. There is an element of excitement that goes into the planning, preparation, the dreaming and the philosophizing of it! I
call this process ‘possibility thinking’ or ‘blue sky thinking’, meaning that the only thing limiting our results is our own perception of what’s possible, being open to lofty never-before-reached goals, and the amount of inspired action we take.

We’re working on something new right now that will expand our reach and uplevel of service to the world, AND it’s something many of you have asked for and dreamed of. We’ll … Read More

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Your Body Knows Everything

156940_10151125651311627_2095873839_n-300x239Today I am listening to my body. It is telling me torest and relax. A few days ago while we were out walking, Kathy and I decided to do some interval sprints. It felt pretty darn good to be flying down the street – I know it didn’t necessarily look that way because I am definitely not Speedy Gonzalez, and yet the intent was there! After the 3rd interval we called it quits – feeling pretty good about our efforts. Well, the next day my back started acting up, and today it’s really letting me know that I pushed … Read More

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Moving to the Next Level

red_carpet_stairs_png_by_mysticmorning-d47vxizLife is good and everything is pretty much “copasetic “. You’re healthy and have people who love you. You have a roof over your head and food to eat. You really don’t have much to complain about, right?

So why do you feel there is something more to be had?

It’s because there IS! Life is so full of incredible adventures, peaceful bliss, joyful moments and intense exhilaration. It’s filled with opportunity and more pleasures than we can even imagine.

How can you tap in and feel the beauty of life in each moment?

It’s simple. You have to want … Read More

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