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The Look of Love – or Not

eye-contact-guideI was thinking lately how easy it is to communicate with others. Now, you might be thinking I’m crazy because communication is often one of those things that gets us in trouble, but hear me out. Real, intimate, and heartfelt communication happens when you completely open yourself to the other person. It happens when you put fear aside and come from a place of love. It happens when you speak the truth – even when it’s not easy.

So often, we’re looking for a way around a tough conversation. Many people I know talk ‘all around’ a subject telling me … Read More

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LOVE is love-sweet-candyall there is. I repeat this to myself over and over. Sometimes I simply repeat the word LOVE. I breathe in and out, reminding myself that we live in a world that is filled with love, compassion, and kindness. I know that everywhere we look there are helpers, givers, and individuals committed to goodness. I know that our earthly community is thoughtful, generous, caring, and perhaps above all LOVING.


It is what sustains us, motivates us, and guides us to our passion. Love is the one thing we can always count on even in times of crisis, … Read More

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love-is-loveThe devastating shooting deaths in Florida over the weekend brought to the forefront so many emotions and feelings for so many people. On social media I saw everything from fear, sadness, grief, despair, and hate, to frustration and aggravation, to an outpouring of love, hope, and grace. Truly, the emotions ran all over the place – and rightfully so.

I imagine some people were surprised at the depth of their anger, and others were overwhelmed with a deep sadness not fully understanding how affected they were even though they didn’t personally know any of the victims. My heart cries for … Read More

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Celebrating Mom’s 75th

Mom SueToday is my mom’s birthday and she’s 75. Today, I am celebrating the beautiful, strong, and loving woman that she is, and all she has meant to me over the years. I love that our relationship has grown so beautifully over the years – we’re still mom and daughter of course, and we’re so much more than that. We’re friends with lives separate and intertwined who respect and care deeply for the happiness of each other. We allow for our differences, support our dreams, and help each other to thrive. I feel grateful and blessed to have her for my … Read More

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