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Change is in the Air

It’s January 19th, it’s a new year, and tomorrow we will have a new president here in the USA. No matter how you feel about the president, we can all agree that we are in for some changes.

Change is inevitable.

Change happens around us all the time. It is our ability to adapt to and, perhaps more importantly, to direct this change that will provide peace and thriving in our everyday lives.

Something I have observed over the past several months is that people are steadfast in their opinions and convictions and are often trying to get others to … Read More

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2017Happy New Year!

Yes, it’s January 11th, and we are still wishing people a Happy New Year. Why? Because the new year brings with it a sense of excitement, an opening for something ‘more or better’, and a world of possibility.

Recently, we shared with you a New Year’s Ritual, so you could move ‘cleanly’ into 2017 without the baggage you might have been picked up or the negative and non-serving thoughts and emotions you may have been holding onto. This is all about release and clearing. The ritual also includes a simple way of setting your … Read More

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What Gift Did You Give Yourself?

present-savedThe holidays have come and gone and a new year has begun. You probably spent lots of time and money buying, wrapping, and happily giving gifts to people you like, love, and appreciate.


-Things they would use.

-Things that made their lives easier.

-Things to help them grow and enjoy life more.

-Things they would have fun with.

-Things to create happy, new memories.

-Things to help them with their education or in their career.


-Because you want to express your gratitude.

-Because you care that their … Read More

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