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The Power of Focused Energy

focusScattered beams of sunlight illuminate our entire planet. The same scattered beams, when concentrated through a piece of glass, can set a leaf on fire. This same concept of focus works for your thoughts, feelings and actions.

When you are feeling “scatter-brained” it is as if you are all over the place and unable to get a particular thought to take shape and have meaning. When you multi-task, you are giving divided focus to many things, and therefore diminishing the power of each of them. When you are feeling wishy-washy about a decision or a person, the uncompleted emotion can … Read More

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There’s Lots Going On Here…

6572951_origIf you’re anything like me, you’re pretty darn busy right now. This is one of the busiest times our business has had in a few years — we have a big road trip coming up with our Grow Tour happening in just about two weeks, we’re working with authors for our next two anthologies, we’re creating a new program that will be announced on our tour, our women’s network continues to blossom, we’re putting the final touches on our brand new shiny website, and we have a few other irons in the fire too.

PFEW! Just writing this makes Read More

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What do BBQ and Fireworks have to do with Freedom?

freedomThe 4th of July holiday is coming up next weekend and, as we know here in America,  it’s a tradition to celebrate Independence Day with BBQs, beach-going, parties, flag-flying, and fireworks. I was thinking about the USA celebrating her independence as a nation, and many people feeling a deep sense of patriotism. I find that it provokes a deeper meaning for me that isn’t necessarily connected to the traditional holiday focus. For me, it’s a celebration of freedom in a much bigger sense.

Freedom is one of my highest values.

Freedom is one of the reasons I’m an entrepreneur … Read More

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Time Crunch

keep-calm-its-crunch-timeI don’t know about you, but the best way for me to get anything done is to give myself a hard and fast deadline. When I know I have a limited period of time to complete a task some really cool things start happening in my brain and body.

It’s as if I find a gear I never knew I had and things not only start to flow, they actually ‘amp up’.

If I’m creating a plan, thoughts and ideas flourish and immediately fall into the perfect place. If I’m writing an article, words shoot out of my fingertips and … Read More

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The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

sandy-beachWhat a swirl of activity has been taking place in my life over the past several months. Some of it was really great and completely joy-filled – like moving to a new home, mini-vacation with mom and sis, and two new book launches. And some of it was not so great, tough to handle, and even heart-breaking – a nasty cold, mix-ups and mess-ups with some business stuff, and the loss of our sweet nephew Sean.

How could it be that we experience such a wide range of emotions in a relatively short period of time?

It’s called life.

I … Read More

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Holidays and Milestones

ChristmasPalmTreeHolidays, birthdays, and anniversaries naturally call for celebratory activities. When the holidays are here the expectation is that we are happy, jolly, light and in a ‘spiritual’ state of mind and heart.

Are you feelin’ it?

Sometimes it is tough to get in the spirit of a holiday when we’re in the midst of the hustle and bustle, the shopping, cooking, baking, partying, visiting, and so much more. I know people who get sick every year right around the holidays. Is this in response to the actual busyness or in the thinking about it all?  I’m not really sure.


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The Transformational Power of Gratitude ~ It’s Easier than You Think

You’ve been grateful your whole life. In fact, among the first words you learned as a child are the words “thank you”. Your parents taught you when to say it, who to say it to and that you should say it every time something good is bestowed upon you. As you grew up, you found that when you said these words, it made people happy. You probably also enjoyed hearing these words and found some pleasure in being thanked by someone for something you gave them, something nice you did for them or something nice you said. You learned that … Read More

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