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Make a Bigger Difference

gratitude-1To all change makers and lightworkers,

YOU are already making a unique and meaningful contribution to the empowerment of individuals through your work, your relationships, and your actions. I know it’s important to you and, if you’re like us, you want to make an even BIGGER DIFFERENCE.

Why not exponentially multiply your reach by being part of a team of women who are doing it too? Right now we are gathering like-minded and amazing individuals who will be your co-authors to share messages of EMPOWERMENT & TRANSFORMATION in an inspiring new anthology book titled, “The Gifts of Grace & Gratitude”.… Read More

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Politicians and Comedians … The Common Thread


Comedian Ellen Degeneres doing stand up. Six keys for storytelling.

We all love to hear a rousing speech from our favorite politician. We are transfixed by every word and moved by innuendo. We hang tight as they relate the challenges, the pitfalls, the struggles and the plateaus. We celebrate with them as they regale the victories, large and small, and we’re on the bandwagon as they move to the climax of their speech.

And then… We exalt when they speak that one sentence, the catchphrase, the moniker that ties it all together. We love this sentence because it makes the … Read More

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