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The Power of A Superstorm

WOW!  Who knew we would be living through one of the worst storms ever in the history of the Northeast United States?  Even if you were not in the path of Superstorm Sandy, you have surely seen and heard the … Continue reading

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No Regrets

Many people live their lives with a series of regrets.  Regrets for hurtful words spoken or for beautiful sentiments left unexpressed.  Regrets for chances not acted upon and for risks not taken.  When people in their ‘sunset years’ have been … Continue reading

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That’s Just Crazy Talk!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are listening to someone, and this person in front of you is saying something that is virtually unbelievable to you or so outlandish that you don’t really know how to … Continue reading

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Do You Give Away Your Power?

As you move through each day, there are many moments of choice. In fact, your whole day is made up of choices. The question is, are you consciously choosing your course of action, or are you submitting to the whims … Continue reading

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