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Would You Tell Me a Little Bit About Yourself?

Hmmmm… Sounds like a straightforward question, right? Tell me about yourself. This is the first question that will be asked of me for an interview I’ll be recording later today. Thank goodness I saw the questions in advance. I feel … Continue reading

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OMG! Grey’s Anatomy Game Changer (Spoiler Alert)

OMG! I didn’t see this coming – not by a long shot. How could Derek be gone? No more McDreamy? No more loving angst between him and Meredith? No more sibling rivalry? No more jockeying for position at the hospital? … Continue reading

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You Deserve a Break Today

I don’t know if anyone else started to sing when you saw this headline, but I know that the old jingle from a McDonald’s commercial from the 70’s started playing in head as I was typing it. (See commercial) Now, … Continue reading

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