Create a Happy Holiday

Happy Holidays to You!

Across the world at this time of year, we find the holidays being celebrated in hundreds of different ways. Traditions have been passed down through the generations and we each have ingrained in our minds the practices that make for the perfect holiday celebration. Many families hold sacred the traditions that their ancestors passed down, and yet as younger generations marry and as families move apart, traditions of the many heritages are blended together to make a celebration that is unique to the new blended family and friends. It seems that our society has become open to an “anything goes” holiday celebration, and the sometimes strict religious traditions are now also blended or softened to accommodate the masses.

As we look around, it is apparent that our view of what makes for a perfect holiday celebration has shifted. Is this good?

The answer lies in our own feelings as we choose and plan our own celebrations. The purpose of the holidays is to celebrate that which has brought us together over the years. Whether it is religion or tradition, events or circumstances, the holidays are here to unite us. They are here to bring us hope, peace, joy and understanding. No matter what form your holiday celebration takes, let it bring you together with those you love, like and enjoy.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, Create a Happy Holiday!

Now, that’s Powerful!

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