Powerful Intentions ~ Everyday Gratitude
By Sue Urda

Powerful Intentions ~ Everyday Gratitude is a transformational book that sets you on a 100-day journey to the center of YOU!  This book provides the tools for you to become the conscious creator of your life, instead of just being a passenger on the journey.Through daily readings you will understand the complex workings of your mind, tap the inner wisdom of your heart and learn to live your life through deliberate creation and intent.  Each daily wisdom is “locked in” with a quote, a message of gratitude and a daily intention.  …read more

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Women Living Consciously Book II
By Sue Urda and Kathy Fyler

Conscious Living is a Choice and a Practice
Strengthen your Consciousness Muscle with these Stories of Courage and Hope.

Living in a space of consciousness requires intention, attention, and openness. It asks that you explore and reveal parts of yourself previously hidden and perhaps ones you didn’t even know existed. Living consciously is not for the weak—it takes true strength, practice, and devotion—it takes courage.

Sharing their stories in this book are extraordinary women who have made significant shifts in their lives and in their way of thinking. They’ve developed practices, mantras and ways of being that allow them to live as the authentic spiritual beings they are. These women have empowered themselves through self-discovery, deep introspection, and even through unexpected tragedy or loss. Their transformations are nothing short of miraculous, and they speak to the undying vibrancy that exists in each of us.
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Pathways to Vibrant Health & Well-Being
By Sue Urda and Kathy Fyler

Is It Truly Possible to Live a Vibrant, Healthy Life
Filled with Clarity, Grace, and Freedom?

Not Only is it Possible ~ 40 Women Tell You How They Did It!

Pathways to Vibrant Health and Well-Being is a collection of stories by women who’ve faced their inner demons, fears, and nightmares, and overcome hurdles of ill-health, “scary” diagnoses, or unfortunate genetic codes. These women, when faced with unthinkable or unspeakable circumstances, rose up to these challenges to fight their way through inner fears and insecurities. But that’s only the beginning…

Each of these women emerged on the other side—feeling blessed, grateful, vibrant, and even happy! Each transformed her life—and often the lives of those around her—into one she wasn’t sure was possible—until she did it. Each raised herself to a new level of awareness to find that the life she desired with all her heart is the one she deserves.
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Journey To Joy
By Sue Urda and Kathy Fyler

Can You Imagine More Joy in Your Life?
Read About How Other Women Created Joy & How You Can Too!

A Journey to Joy is sometimes ordinary to the naked eye, but to the critical observer and the woman who lived it, her journey is one of magnificent courage and perhaps a leap of faith into uncharted waters.

Within the pages of this uplifting anthology book we share an array of intimate and heartfelt stories by real and inspiring women who have found true joy and freedom through the living of everyday life, as well as those who are still finding their way on this path. Each journey is unique and not always pretty but you will surely see the beauty through their words.

A Journey to Joy is sometimes experienced by stepping out of one s comfort zone and always accompanied by life lessons. The newly acquired wisdom is sometimes hard-won and yet it often becomes the sweetest to savor. These stories reveal the depth of the lives of these incredible women the bitter and sweet, the fruitful and lost, the hard-fought battles and the ease of allowing.

There are as many paths to joy as there are women. Enjoy, celebrate and discover your own joy through these touching, true stories   … read more

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Women Living Consciously
By Sue Urda and Kathy Fyler

Do You Want to Wake Up and Live Consciously,
Or Let Life Do It for You? Conscious living is something to which you can aspire, awaken, and put into practice–no matter whether you ve chosen it or it has chosen you; it can become a powerful way of life! Share the impassioned stories in this book by women who ve enriched and re-directed their lives to transform into a new way of being. Each author has experienced a major shift in consciousness either through outside-inflicted circumstances or by being inwardly called toward self-realized transformation.   … read more

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Empowering Transformations for Women
By Sue Urda and Kathy Fyler

What if You Had ‘Handbook of Hindsight’ to See You Through Your Most Challenging Times? Forty Women are Here to Make Sure You Do! Empowering Transformations For Women contains stories of 40 incredible women who’ve navigated their way through significant, life-altering transformations. These women—many inspired by their less-than-ideal circumstances–stumbled along the way, but ended up facing the change with humor, grace and dignity. In this book, they share their stories in order to ease your personal journey, … read more

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