Presentation Topics – by Sue Urda

Sue’s exciting & interactive presentations help women grow, connect and achieve their potential.  Sue will customize a presentation or program specifically for your organization, company or group. 

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Got Connections? ~ The Quality of your Connections Equals the Quality of your Life

Creating & nurturing powerful relationships can have a dramatic impact on your life. Learn the role of communication in creating deep, lasting relationships. Discover the right questions to ask for greater insight, how to make small talk that matters, and how to make others feel comfortable even when you’re not. 

Good Vibrations ~ How to Feel Good More Often and with Ease

Learn daily, simple yet profound practices and disciplines to stay positive no matter what’s happening around you; Two simple strategies to keep from spiraling downward when not so good things happen; and how to harness, cultivate, and share good vibrations. 

Gratitude is the Gift You Give Yourself

Did you know that gratitude can change your life? You’ll learn to adopt a gratitude practice as an integral part of your days to experience more satisfaction, contentment, peace, and joy in life. As you appreciate more, you’ll attract more to feel good about. 

Everyone has a Story ~What’s Yours? Leaving a Legacy of Lessons and Love

Great storytelling is an art, and people love to tell stories. It’s how we learn and grow, it’s how we share ourselves, and ultimately, it’s how we make an impact on those we love and the world. Whether you’re writing or speaking your story, you’ll learn how to make an even bigger impact. 

5 Steps to Setting Intentions and Manifesting your Desires

Do you have what you desire in your life? You can if you know how to do it. Learn how to set intentions, gain clarity, open your heart and mind to receive, and start living the life you envision.

 How to Grow Your Business with Conscious Networking

Learn to network without selling, attract new clients and business partners beyond your inner circle, make a lasting impression, give a memorable 30-second commercial and enjoy the process.

 30-Seconds that Could Change Your Life

Introducing yourself succinctly and with impact can attract potential clients and partners to you and change the trajectory of your business. Learn how to create and deliver a memorable 30-second introduction.

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