Empowering Transformations for Women


Empowering Transformations for Women
True Stories of Purpose, Faith and Action to Guide You
Through Your Ever-Unfolding Personal and Professional Life.

By Sue Urda & Kathy Fyler

Publication Date: March 2011
Format: Paperback
Pages: 240

Price: $19.95

What if You Had ‘Handbook of Hindsight’ to See You Through Your Most Challenging Times?
 Forty Women are Here to Make Sure You Do!

Empowering Transformations For Women contains stories of 40 incredible women who’ve navigated their way through significant, life-altering transformations.  These women—many inspired by their less-than-ideal circumstances–stumbled along the way, but ended up facing the change with humor, grace and dignity.  In this book, they share their stories in order to ease your personal journey, and to provide necessary motivation and inspiration to make whatever empowering changes you envision for your own life.

These stories, filled with insights and raw emotion, illustrate how others like you made lasting changes to enhance their lives.  Used as an inspirational guide, these stories reinforce that you are not alone, and that if you trust your own innate intuition, you can successfully make the same types of empowering changes.  As you read and allow yourself to feel blessed and grateful, you will more clearly understand the power behind the concept that we are “all-one” as we move through this life. 

In This Book You’ll Discover These Lessons of Transformation:

  • How to listen to the voice of your spirit
  • Tap into your passion and live your life on purpose
  • Step out of your ‘job’ and into entrepreneurial freedom
  • Release the past so you can move forward with ease
  • Discover techniques to relieve stress, tension and overwhelm
  • Heal your body through mind-body-spirit modalities
  • Use truth as a guide for business, personal and spiritual growth
  • Gracefully manage divorce, break-ups and abandonment
  • Experience total freedom regardless of your circumstances
  • Recognize that some hardships can lead to great joy
  • How to spot your Angels of assistance!

About Sue Urda & Kathy Fyler

Sue and Kathy have been friends for 22 years and business partners since 1994.  They have received awards and accolades for their businesses over the years and are currently loving their latest foray into anthology book publishing where they provide a forum for women to achieve their dreams of becoming published authors.

Their pride and joy is Powerful You! Women’s Network, which they claim is a gift from Spirit.  They love traveling the country producing meetings and tour events to gather women for business, personal and spiritual growth.  Their greatest pleasure comes through connecting with the many inspiring and extraordinary women who are a part of their network.

The strength of their partnership lies in their deep respect and understanding of one another as well as their complementary skills and knowledge.  Kathy is a self-proclaimed computer geek and technology nut as well as free-thinker.  Sue is an author and speaker with a knack for creative undertakings. 

Together their energies combine to feed the flames of countless women who are seeking truth, empowerment, joy, peace and connection with themselves, their own spirits and other women.

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