Gratitude is a Practice

Gratitude is a Practice

Feeling grateful is something you have done on and off your whole life. As a child, you were in an almost constant state of gratitude, because you were always drawn to that which made you feel good. There are specific moments that are etched forever in your memory that, when you think about them, you feel a profound sense of gratitude.

The feeling of gratitude is sometimes hard to put into words, because it is so complex.

It is immensely satisfying and deeply humbling. It is a huge overtaking sensation and a small, simple pleasure. It is thrilling and exciting and it is peaceful and quiet. And although the feeling of gratitude may be hard to describe, it is undeniable. If you are unsure about how to feel the feelings of gratitude, ask yourself this simple question: What am I grateful for today? When you have an answer, notice how you feel. Then ask the same question, and again notice how you feel. Continue this process until you feel a fullness, a warmth and a glow in your heart. Ask until you feel your breath deep within your lungs and belly. Ask until you feel a smile on your lips or tears welling up in your eyes, or a fullness in your whole body that feels as though you might burst with joy.

The physical feelings of happiness for someone or something are the feelings of gratitude.

Your whole body, mind, and spirit will be immersed in gratitude and you will remain happy and grateful as long as you think these thoughts and allow these feelings.

What are you grateful for today?

Now, that’s Powerful!

With gratitude and love for you,


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