dc19b1b29f4df98683c5f171d9c4b742This saying, patience is a virtue, really irritates me. Perhaps it’s because I feel that I don’t have much of it sometimes, and that being patient doesn’t really get things done. Action is what makes things happen, and hard work and long hours come into play too.

We’ve just experienced this with our new website that is being officially launched in just a few days. It’s literally been in the works for more than a year – that includes the thinking and structure stages, the design and development stages, the content and functionality stages, and of course, the final stages of testing and tweaking.

There were more hours than we care to count, and in the past two weeks more late nights than we had in the past several months. The bags under my eyes are like fluffy pillows, my eyeballs are burning, my brain feels like mush, and I think I have a couple calluses on the tips of my fingers.  Without all the hours, creative and logical thinking, and persistence, this website simply wouldn’t be ready.  So…

Patience. Smatience.

Now, having said that I know that things take whatever time they’re going to take, no matter how much I wish it could go faster or get done more quickly. So, was there patience involved? Maybe there was.

Maybe it was patience that kept the fires burning and the excitement alive. Maybe it was patience that allowed the many hours of research and testing to continue. Maybe it was patience that kept us in sync and moving forward even when we were at our wits’ end. Maybe it was patience coupled with desire that got us to the end result that we’re really excited about and even proud of.

Maybe I’m more patient than I give myself credit for.

I think I’ll add patience to my own list of virtues and try to recognize it more quickly when I’m feeling impatient next time around. Yes, I’m pretty sure there will be a next time to try my patience because we have lots of new projects and exciting ventures on the horizon.

I invite you to think about your own virtues too. Sometimes we shortchange ourselves and forget to give credit where credit is due – especially when it comes to our personal strengths and virtues. Most likely you’re more patient, more powerful, and more amazing than you realize – and you have a whole list of others positive traits too. Give yourself the credit you deserve – and don’t be patient about it. Do it now!

Stay tuned for our New PY! Website Launch!

There are an expansive bunch of resources there for your empowerment and growth!

Here’s to your awesomeness ~ Sue

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