Take the Scenic Route

In our daily lives we may hold many conversations in the course of a few hours, work our way through a multitude of tasks and often rush from one place to another. As we sit down to recount the days achievements, we often note that we don’t remember much of what happened in between conversations, tasks and traveling. Sometimes it is difficult to account for all of our time. And sometimes, we recognize that we didn’t really enjoy the scenery along the way.

Do you look around you as you move through your day? Do you notice the people you pass along the way? Do you admire the scenery, the room or the view as you move from one thing to the next?

Life is what happens between the lines, at the odd moments and when we least expect it. All it takes so you don’t miss the scenery of your own life – is awareness.

Open your eyes, your ears and your senses. Take it all in. And next time you can spare a moment, take the scenic route… Even if it’s in your mind.

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