What’s Your Tipping Point?

There is a specific point in time, a special number when reached that a critical mass meets the outer limit of its’ current comfort zone… At that very second, the scales tip, never to return again to their former existence and place in the world. It is at this time that you have reached what is known as the tipping point. When reached, the tipping point moves us on a personal level to get married or divorced, to be rich or poor, to be healthy or to be unhealthy, to move from feeling sorry for oneself or to take control, to be a global company or to be a local favorite. We also know the tipping point as a turning point, the threshold, the last straw or the critical juncture… it has many names.

What’s your tipping point?

Are you hovering at the edge? Are you prepared for the change, for the next phase, for the momentum to carry you? Perhaps you will never be ready… it’s okay. When it happens, you can rest assured that in some way, you have created it and it is meant to be. Now, that’s Powerful!

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