What do BBQ and Fireworks have to do with Freedom?

freedomThe 4th of July holiday is coming up next weekend and, as we know here in America,  it’s a tradition to celebrate Independence Day with BBQs, beach-going, parties, flag-flying, and fireworks. I was thinking about the USA celebrating her independence as a nation, and many people feeling a deep sense of patriotism. I find that it provokes a deeper meaning for me that isn’t necessarily connected to the traditional holiday focus. For me, it’s a celebration of freedom in a much bigger sense.

Freedom is one of my highest values.

Freedom is one of the reasons I’m an entrepreneur – to have the freedom to create my own vision and business plan, to choose the people I work with, and to have the flexibility to create my own hours, agenda, and the focus of my work. My particular business is designed to set up shop and work from wherever I am at the moment – and for now it has allowed me to be with my mom, Arlene, as she continues to recover and heal from a car accident. **She’s progressing quite well, and your continued prayers, healing, and good vibes are appreciated.

I know that freedom is important to many of you too, and I know that “time freedom” is something so many of the women of our network cherish. I find it an honor and I love being connected with so many incredible entrepreneurs who are each so passionate about helping others and expanding their reach of great good. And there are lot us out there! If this describes you, I invite you to tune into the Growth Spurts Conscious Business Summit where I had the honor of interviewing 20 heart-centered experts who also value freedom and who’ve successfully created businesses that are flourishing and growing with the intention of helping you grow too.

Do You Feel Your Freedom?

Sure we are granted certain freedoms by our government, and we have simple freedoms like those to choose activities, jobs, partners, where we live, what we eat, and so much more… but a more deep and abiding freedom can only be found within ourselves.

Freedom is an Inside Job

We feel real freedom when we allow ourselves to think freely and out of the box and not be bound by societal, familial or learned ‘norms’. Do you really know and realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that you alone decide what you think about in each moment? No one else has power over your mind – unless you allow them that great privilege.

We are the ones with the freedom to choose love, contentment, peace and calm over fear, angst, or worry. We have the power to direct our minds to delve more deeply into whatever brings us high vibration feelings like gratitude, joy, and wonder, and therefore we are the ones who control how we feel. This means each of us separately chooses in each moment the exact feeling we are feeling, and we do it by choosing to direct our thoughts and our focus.

Release Yourself

As children of God, we each have the prerogative to release any bonds that tie us to feelings that are negative, ‘less than’, or unproductive and unfulfilling. You are the only one who ties you down and holds you back – and you do it with your thoughts.

Our minds can be the strongest prison or hottest hell. It can also be nirvana or heaven. The choice belongs to each of us.

And so I use the freedom of my mind to create the world in which I want to live. I choose to live in amazement, wonder, and positivity. I choose to find the good and focus on the best parts of what is in front of me. And I choose to create and live in a big, beautiful vision. I find good feeling thoughts and I dwell there.

I Invite You to Dwell there with Me Too.

Wishing you freedom,



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