love-is-loveThe devastating shooting deaths in Florida over the weekend brought to the forefront so many emotions and feelings for so many people. On social media I saw everything from fear, sadness, grief, despair, and hate, to frustration and aggravation, to an outpouring of love, hope, and grace. Truly, the emotions ran all over the place – and rightfully so.

I imagine some people were surprised at the depth of their anger, and others were overwhelmed with a deep sadness not fully understanding how affected they were even though they didn’t personally know any of the victims. My heart cries for those who were slain, and for the families who lost their loved ones. The families and friends who didn’t get to say goodbye or I love you one last time. I can’t stop thinking of those who were there to witness the horror and the intense fear of facing what could be their last living moments. I feel grateful that my own friends and family are safe.

So much love, and so much fear – all brought to the surface.

When something unspeakable and horrific occurs, it brings out not only our most prominent and strongest emotions, it also brings out our innermost and latent emotions. On facebook I saw many people post about sending love, prayers, and peace to the victims, families and the LGBT community.  This seems quite natural to me.  It proves that we are all connected in some way. When one of us is hurting it effects each of us. I have always felt that we are all ONE, and I know that we are touched and forever changed by this senseless tragedy as well as the solidarity it brought forth.

I also saw many rants about guns, gays, and Muslims. Many people expressed such deep anger at our political system, the FBI, the gun laws, and immigration laws. I witnessed hate speech towards both Islam and the LGBT community, which for me, is so hurtful and appalling on so many levels. It reeks of separatism, inequality, and broad strokes of judgment and I feel deeply saddened by these sentiments.

I also noticed something I don’t quite understand. Despite the shooting of more than 100 people and the death of 50, some people didn’t mention it at all.

All of the outpouring or lack of it – whether it was based in love or fear reminds me of two things – First, how far we’ve come as unified beings, and second, that we still have a long way to go.

I know that those of us in the Powerful You! Community are the ones shining light and spreading love. We are the unifiers, the lovers of connection, and the beacon of oneness. As such, we have the ability to empower others to be and do the same.

Shine bright, my sisters!

I pray for the unity of all of us. I ask God/Universe/Spirit that we may all look upon one another as we look upon ourselves – with love, kindness, caring, and compassion.

With so much love for you,



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