Blips on the Screen of Life

I’ve been thinking a lot lately how random life seems at times, and yet how purposeful it can be. It depends greatly on our thoughts and actions…and isn’t that always the case? Here are some musings on the topic.

Blips on the Screen of Life

There are occasional moments that occur to upset regular everyday life as we know it. They may show up as a family emergency, a client who is not happy with the service you provided, a random comment, or a secret revealed. This singular occurrence can throw the status quo into the stratosphere.

Depending on how you view and handle these events,

they may have positive or negative effects on you for years to come.

You may simply file them in the “Hmmm… what just happened?” file never to be looked at again, or they may serve as a time of awakening. You may awaken to the fragility and beauty of life. You may awaken and be reminded of the importance of service to others. Or you may awaken to know that every word spoken and every deed done really does matter to someone and may affect them for the rest of their life.

Although these occurrences may appear as oddities or freak behavior, they are real, and they have happened to you for some reason. What’s the meaning of it?

The meaning of anything is whatever you give to it.

When something out of the ordinary happens to you, take a good look and decide whether you will file it or awaken. It’s your choice. As you choose, keep in mind, the blips on the screen of life are here for you, so take a good look and use them for your highest good. Now, that’s Powerful!

Wishing you blips of awakening, Sue

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