Your Body Knows Everything

156940_10151125651311627_2095873839_n-300x239Today I am listening to my body. It is telling me torest and relax. A few days ago while we were out walking, Kathy and I decided to do some interval sprints. It felt pretty darn good to be flying down the street – I know it didn’t necessarily look that way because I am definitely not Speedy Gonzalez, and yet the intent was there! After the 3rd interval we called it quits – feeling pretty good about our efforts. Well, the next day my back started acting up, and today it’s really letting me know that I pushed it too far.

Now, I could force myself into my normal activities, and I know that wouldn’t be smart. What I’ve learned is that our bodies talk to us for a reason – and whenever I go against my body wisdom, the results are less than stellar. This reminds me of something I wrote in my second book, and I want to share it with you now –  and then get back to attending my back. Enjoy!

“Tune In, Tap In, Turn On” ~Abraham

Your Body Knows Everything

You want answers and you want them now. And you don’t want just any old answer; you want the right answer for your specific inquiry—and you want it right now.

When you consult your thinking mind, you will find a good deal of information. Your mind will guide you to the pros and cons, it will lead you through all your past experiences that relate to the question at hand, and it will provide all the options that are available. Is this really what you want?  Lots and lots of options?  No. You want the answer that is perfect for you, and you want it right now. There is only one place this answer exists – no exceptions.

It is within you.

The tricky part may be how to access the answer. How can you do this?  Three simple steps:  Get quiet, ask the question, and feel the signals that your body provides. If the answer is right for you, you will feel lightness or a warmth. You may get a tingling or a feeling of peace. If the answer is not right, you may get a pit in your stomach or a random pain, or a sense of uneasiness. Your body signals are unique to you. With practice, you can even ask your body for a specific signal as a yes or no – like your right hand to rise or a tingling in your chest area.

What happens in this process is that you are accessing the internal guidance system that exists within you. This guidance system will always provide the right path for you.

You must simply tune in. ~ Now, that’s Powerful!

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