Are you a Possibility Thinker?

big_blue_sky_stock_by_fahrmboy_stockI love developing new ideas and working on new projects. There is an element of excitement that goes into the planning, preparation, the dreaming and the philosophizing of it! I
call this process ‘possibility thinking’ or ‘blue sky thinking’, meaning that the only thing limiting our results is our own perception of what’s possible, being open to lofty never-before-reached goals, and the amount of inspired action we take.

We’re working on something new right now that will expand our reach and uplevel of service to the world, AND it’s something many of you have asked for and dreamed of. We’ll be sharing it in the coming few days, so stay tuned!

This brings to mind something I wrote not so long ago…

Are you a Possibility Thinker?

Possibility thinkers are those who dwell in the realm of all that could be. They remove their thoughts from “what is” and decide to focus their vision on what “could be” possible if they would allow themselves to think it. Possibility thinkers are often accused of being dreamers, schemers and hopeless romantics by those who inundate themselves with “reality”. These “realists” are those who think of what exists around them as the only possibility for what will ever be around them and then they are disappointed and, at the same time, vindicated for feeling this way.

Many realists have lost faith in the world and perhaps worse,
they have lost faith in themselves as creators.

As for me, I dwell in possibility. I have faith that humanity is truly good, and that “bad” exists only in the sense that people have temporarily lost their true connection to their Source. I have come to know that reality is an inside job, and that each of us creates our own sense of what is real and possible and true.

Open your mind and ask the question, “What is possible?” Your answer may surprise you, and it will certainly light your path. Now, that’s Powerful!

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