Breathing through Discomfort

CB060658Tension is something that can sneak up on you gradually or it can happen in a moment.  One thing you can be sure of is if you are experiencing tension in your emotional life, you will also experience tension in your physical body.

When you are tense, you may experience a number of different physical symptoms including, and not limited, to a tightening of your muscles, weakening of your limbs, headaches, dizziness, crankiness, depression, an ache or knot in your stomach, or random aches and pains.  A common symptom that accompanies tension or stress is that your breathing becomes shallow.

You May Even Notice that You “Forget to Breathe”

When you forget to breathe you and interrupt your natural breathing pattern, you get less oxygen to your brain and flowing through your bloodstream.  This is perhaps the biggest contributing factor adding to your stress, because it limits your clear thinking and the fluid movement of your body.  Any time you are in a stressful or tense situation, remind yourself to breathe.

Literally, Say the Words to Yourself “Breathe”.

As few as three deep belly breaths and exhalations will reduce the tension in your physical body, restore blood flow to your brain, organs and limbs, and serve to relax you back into a calm and aware state of being.  Breathing is necessary to life and it is necessary to clear thought.  Consciously breathing through the discomfort will strengthen you, provide ease and get you back in the flow of life.  Now, that’s Powerful!

Another great way to reduce tension and stress is to connect with your Powerful You! sisters at a local or virtual chapter meeting!


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About the Author:  Sue Urda is an Author, Speaker, Inspirer and Co-Founder of Powerful You! Women’s Network, She was named twice on Inc. Magazines list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies and is the author of two books, Powerful Intentions Everyday Gratitude and Empowering Transformations for Women. Sue’s vision is to contribute to a global consciousness of women helping women succeed in business and in life and to open them to truth of who they are.

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  1. Christine Hansen

    Thank you for the reminder, I know that breathing through “issues” is such a powerful tool to help you stay connected to your inner being but sometimes I forget this important message. I also realize that stress is really just fear in hiding…and fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R)….Thanks again, create a beautiful life.

  2. Sharon Yeskel

    It’s true. We have to remind ourselves daily. I have the word BREATHE on the screen of my phone as a reminder to slow down and take it easy. I also have a print out of an old Ziggy cartoon on my fridge. Ziggy’s writing a list of things to do today: 1.Inhale 2.Exhale 3.Inhale 4.Exhale,etc.

  3. Sue Urda

    Hi Christine!
    I have to remind myself often throughout the day to breath deeply, and I am also reminded of this whenever I find myself exhaling ‘big’… I know I have allowed something to build up and this is my body’s way of releasing it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!
    with gratitude,

  4. Sue Urda

    Sharon ~ Ziggy’s got it right… two simple steps create such a sense of well-being!

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