Hiccups, Snags, and Whoopses

OOPSwhoops, I did it again. What’s the deal with me hurting myself lately? First my back, and now my shoulder. What the heck? Is this a sign that I need to rest? Do I need to contemplate something? Is there a message here for me?

I have to admit I believe that all “co-incidents” are here for some higher purpose, some divine reason, and to teach us a lesson. I sure do want to learn the lesson that is here for me now. Bring it on!

And so this got me to thinking about how the unexpected happens to us pretty much every day – this is called life. I hope you enjoy these thoughts…

Hiccups, Snags, and Whoopses

Sure, it’s great to have a goal and a plan, and to take appropriate action steps towards it. In fact, I don’t know a better way to do it. It provides me with a sense of ease and calm to know the direction I’m headed in, why I’m headed that way, and how I’ll get there. But…

Life is full of unexpected occurrences.

So, I’ve learned to make my plans and still expect the unexpected. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t plan for the unexpected or have a Plan B like lots of people I know. Instead, I move ahead with my plans towards my goal knowing that hiccups, bumps, snags, and whoopses may pop up. I’ve learned that

Flexibility is my friend.

My ability to change direction, make adjustments, and keep moving serves me well. The next time you experience a ‘whoops’ or run into a snag, simply breathe into it, modify your plans, and get back on the move. Just like a small dose of sugar for your hiccups, the breathing and adjustments will set you on your way again. Now, that’s Powerful!

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Keep on rollin’ baby!

with love, Sue

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