The Look of Love – or Not

eye-contact-guideI was thinking lately how easy it is to communicate with others. Now, you might be thinking I’m crazy because communication is often one of those things that gets us in trouble, but hear me out. Real, intimate, and heartfelt communication happens when you completely open yourself to the other person. It happens when you put fear aside and come from a place of love. It happens when you speak the truth – even when it’s not easy.

So often, we’re looking for a way around a tough conversation. Many people I know talk ‘all around’ a subject telling me what it’s ‘like’ instead of what it is. I think people think it’s easier or maybe a softer approach to not be direct or broach it head on. Maybe they think there’s less chance of rejection, or they use this tact to ‘feel out’ the topic or the temperament of the person. I don’t have any answers here, just some observations to share with you. Personally, I prefer a loving and open approach that assumes nothing in advance.

I know that when I want to communicate at a truly deep level with someone, there’s no substitute for being face to face and including all of my senses in the interaction. I’m especially fond of communicating with the eyes. They are, after all, the windows to the soul.

The Look of Love – Or Not

You know “the look”. The look says it all. Between spouses, parents and kids, or best friends, there are often no words needed. Just a simple glance or glare, wink or nod in your direction lets you know the entire essence that needs to be communicated.

It might be a message of love, empathy or encouragement. It might be one to challenge, prompt, or quiet you. The two of you have an understanding that goes beyond words. The connection you have is one of like hearts and like minds. It is one that transcends what language has to offer.

No matter how subtle, the message is communicated and received, nothing more is necessary.

The same method of communication can be used with people you don’t know as intimately, but only if your intention is focused. You simply tap into your own essence, your heart space, and put out the intention for a heart to heart or mind to mind connection. Then, as you look at the other person, imagine yourself speaking your message to them. Imagine speaking it with your eyes. You will find that some people get the message and others won’t. Communication is a two way street after all. Just make sure your side is open. Now, that’s Powerful!

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Here’s lookin’ at you, my friend! ~Sue

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